Types and Functions of Business Phone Service


If someone is looking for a new business phone service, numerous factors need to be considered. To begin with, one needs to consider if they need a complete phone system that comprises of the physical office telephones, or does the company get by with a virtual phone service that depends on mobile devices instead of old-style office phones. Moreover, it is essential to know the type of mobile service that the company needs. The board of directors needs to be certain whether they need the traditional landline telephone services or the cell phone service. It is good to note that the phone services are mostly offered by a regional phone company that operates the internet is provided by a large number of phone service providers.

Besides, it is essential to determine if they need host the polycom phone system in the business buildings or have it hosted by your service provider. For easy and fast decision-making process, it is better to look at the three most important types of the phone services and highlighting the benefits and disadvantages of each service. The virtual phone systems operate by linking a business phone line to distant workers through their mobile or home phones, also, the system functions as a full call-forwarding solution, whereby calls are relocated to every worker’s chosen phone when a client calls a primary business number.

The virtual phone services also incorporate a  range of features, including automated receptionists, call forwarding, voicemail services, online faxing and call screening. The system allows the company employees to present a professional face every time irrespective of the place they are at any particular time. Also, the system provides the remote workers with an opportunity access to numerous phone system features that mobile and home phones services do not provide. On the flipside, the virtual phone systems are not independent systems. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tahfluke6cU to know more about telephone system.

On the other hand, landline systems at www.voiceonyx.com are analog methods that operate through the telephone company’s conventional copper cabling and are provided by a local or regional phone company. For a company to use a landline service, it needs to hardware that creates numerous extensions that allow phone system features, such as call transferring and call directories. Landline services are considered reliable, and most companies are comfortable using them. However, getting the service of the landline systems is becoming difficult since most phone call service providers are shifting away from landlines to the virtual phone systems.


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